Our Story

SunGypsy Apparel was started as a creative outlet for wearable, artist expression. The brand was intentionally created in November of 2015 due to a passion for creation of jewelry and fashion. Through the brand, we aim to spread the love and light we feel from the universe onto others, most particularly through the education of the metaphysical uses of crystal healing.
  SunGypsy Apparel is a brand that supports others. We encourage everyone to go out into the world and live their dreams and pursue their passions. The stones we use in our pieces of art, are all healing crystals and can help guide you to a more intentional life. The message we bring to SunGypsy Apparel is " It is for the Beings on Earth, Under the Sun", this means that it is for everyone! Our mission is to create beautiful healing crystal jewelry that can bring good energy , inspire one's creativity , and bring joy to one's life!