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      Build A Body Chain

      Interested in a custom body chain or waist chain? Send us an email today with the subject line labeled "Body Chain" SunGypsyApparel@gmail.com

      We will send you a little questionnaire to create body jewelry that you are guaranteed to love on!

      We can't wait to see you rock out in your new body jewelry!

      Blog posts

      • July 20, 2023 About The Designer
        About The Designer

        Brooke Dial, creator of SunGypsy Apparel, started her jewelry journey in 2015 shortly after high-school graduation. Working as a hostess, Brooke began to make some jewelry to go with her outfits. With hard work , a vision in mind, and lots of support her brand began and SunGypsy Apparel was started. 

        During the past 8 years SunGypsy Apparel has been able to donate and give back to different charitand non profits. It is our goal to always give back.


        While coming up with the name SunGypsy Apparel , Brooke was told by a friend to think of 3 words to represent the brand. Those 3 words are

        Bright , Bold , and Giving.


        The Sun is bright , bold, and giving and we would like to be a representation of tha.

      • December 29, 2019 How To Cleanse Your Crystals
        How To Cleanse Your Crystals Cleanse your crystals regularly. There are several ways to recharge or energize your crystals. (keep in mind that these methods do not go for all crystals)